Friday, May 7, 2010

Famous Fridays 5/7/10

Two edits just for you Stoner. MOVE BACK HOME NOW!

Herriman park has 2 foot vert walls....well thats what it feels like

Dave was saying how long its been since he's been skating, but it didn't take long for this back 5-0 to come out

Nose grinder


On the way out to Oakley Ut you can see buffalo's. This calf was super cool

The calf didn't like the sound of the shutter from the camera. Coming at ya

Up in his grill with my 10-24mm tamron lens

Welcome to the shop

"If you were wondering there was only a hundred of these shirts made and I got two of them" -Mikey

That David Law knowns his way around the mini

Mikey and I rolled down to Payson park to do some kick turns with Sam


  1. Invite me next time you skate!!!

  2. back 50's at the top cocked back and super styleee so cooool