Friday, May 28, 2010

Famous Fridays 5/28/10

Check out these chicks....

I didn't believe the rumors, but Dallas finally graduated. I had to capture it on film. Check out the pictures below.

These Kids are the future... Scary

Megan, Dallas, and Mindy

That's one tall drink of water

Logan, Kallee, Kendyl

Those are some proud parents

Mindy's niece Kendyl

Two peas in a pod

Matt Larson future profile pic

What do you do in your front yard?

This one's for you Kev

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Famous Fridays 5/21/10

Mindy told me when we first started dating that she didn't want to go bowling because she was terrible. Well if she is terrible what does that make me? I want a rematch

Welcome to a slice of paradise

I had to take a pic before cutting it off

HDR of the back side of Mt. Nebo

Gunnison Utah I haven't been there in years, but after a long day at work I ended up some how down there to hit up the old park. I had some company while I was there a few 5 year olds kind enough to tell me to put both feet on the board if I want to land the trick. Good Advice

Friday, May 14, 2010

Famous Fridays 5/14/10

I moved back to Sanpete for the summer and now I get to hang with my mom or the turkeys. pretty exciting stuff I know

These are 2 week old Hens

The scooter is back in action and running better than ever

Wilkey and I went digging in the old Ranger up Spring City canyon looking for some wild life

Close up of a wolf. ok not really it's Wilkey's dog Dex

Artsy fartsy

It may be against the law to text and drive but it's ok to use an SLR while driving. photo of Mt. Nebo

Tried to go hiking in the Uinta Mountains but it was freezing and started snowing so I managed to get about 30 feet from the road to snap a pic

MTV Cribs ain't got shit check out how Mikey and Shawn roll

Friday, May 7, 2010

Famous Fridays 5/7/10

Two edits just for you Stoner. MOVE BACK HOME NOW!

Herriman park has 2 foot vert walls....well thats what it feels like

Dave was saying how long its been since he's been skating, but it didn't take long for this back 5-0 to come out

Nose grinder


On the way out to Oakley Ut you can see buffalo's. This calf was super cool

The calf didn't like the sound of the shutter from the camera. Coming at ya

Up in his grill with my 10-24mm tamron lens

Welcome to the shop

"If you were wondering there was only a hundred of these shirts made and I got two of them" -Mikey

That David Law knowns his way around the mini

Mikey and I rolled down to Payson park to do some kick turns with Sam