Thursday, May 20, 2010

Famous Fridays 5/21/10

Mindy told me when we first started dating that she didn't want to go bowling because she was terrible. Well if she is terrible what does that make me? I want a rematch

Welcome to a slice of paradise

I had to take a pic before cutting it off

HDR of the back side of Mt. Nebo

Gunnison Utah I haven't been there in years, but after a long day at work I ended up some how down there to hit up the old park. I had some company while I was there a few 5 year olds kind enough to tell me to put both feet on the board if I want to land the trick. Good Advice


  1. jd told me to follow you.
    so i am. but i feel funny because i don't know you. but i like your pictures, by the way.

  2. Welcome to the team. I like your photo of the snail on your blog. It's cool

  3. thanks! and i definitely agree about the 7D. how do you do the HDR effect? it's magic.

  4. photomatix pro its the shizz, you can do it in photoshop also