Friday, November 25, 2011

Famous Fridays 11/25/11

His name is Brian Patten but is known as Captain Patten of PGFD

The view of PG from the top of the ladder

Some of the activities we do in our down time at PG involve climbing this damn rope.

Captain climbs that rope with only his arms no legs its crazy to see it

Hands down those are some cool dudes

Hose testing

Friday, November 11, 2011

Famous Fridays 11/11/11

I found this sweet photo of the Duke from True Grit and I wanted to mess with it a little so I painted it in photoshop and this is what it came out looking like

I made a couple time lapse over the past year and forgot all about them till now, The first one is when Mindy and I tore out the bathroom to extend the kitchen at her folks place. Next is my back yard in Moroni. Third was replacing the down bar last snow season, and lastly was shaving the beard.

This is one of the few photo's my parents have of them besides of their wedding picture that I have ever seen. Mom asked if there was a way to make it look better and have a print that was bigger then a 3 by 3 haha they kill me at times

I know the fall is over but these are the photo's I got for this years fall

I try to take these little guys photo every couple of months cause they grow up so fast. Here is little Finn and his little brother McCord

I took this a long time ago and its still my favorite photo of Mindy

Friday, October 28, 2011

Famous Fridays 10/28/11

Early morning hike above Dewey's farm overlooking Moroni

Pumpkin carving contest

This is mine

Mindy's was scaring the little ones

Dallas's was scaring everyone

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fighting For A Cause

His name is Mikey Murhead aka the meerkat manner you may have crossed paths with him if you ever needed any graphic design, custom tailoring or maybe passed him on his road bike peddling around Provo. He is one well rounded guy and funny then hell. I've learned a lot from the meerkat in the years I've known him and his CAUSE that keeps him grounded. Skateboarding, a couple plies of maple wood with 4 wheels under his feet which keep him balanced, with the many activities He's involved in. We all need to have our own cause to keep us grounded whether its chasing bigfoot in the woods or kick flip indy's on the mini mega ramp we all need to fight for something.