Friday, April 9, 2010

Famous Fridays 4/9/10

This is a special week so be sure to watch the Bear and Brighton flick.
Make sure to blow it up cause youtube is lame

They need to update the sign to "Welcome to Paradise"

"> John, Ryan, and I packed up for a short but sweet trip to sunny California for some shred

I like my shadow

getting some tail...... get it?

You stole my heart Brighton

Pow in April? believe it

slash photo from the go pro

picking nose



On the way down from the office Marty and I spotted some mountain goats

After work I got to hang with my nephew Finn. He was pretty excited to show off his cars

That's one cool kid

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  1. Love the pix... of the boarding, mountain goats, and my adorable little man! Great post of your day at the office. Keep the great posts coming.