Friday, April 16, 2010

Famous Fridays 4/16/10

It's still Friday somewhere right....
I found these shots on my external of Aaron and Derrick which I thought were long gone. They kill it

These photo's were from today. My roomie Jake talked me into coming up the mountain after I got out of school and those few hours were amazing I got to see some hang time from Jake on his skies, ran into Cole getting a sick line in lower Majestic, took some laps with Big C, and Sam aka 7-11 which its good to have him back it action. Just a little preview of what is going to be out for next weeks video.
Houston... We have take off

Cole showing the "6"in round bar who's boss

Damn.... did Hammid teach you to press like that

Sammy is back everyone

My turn

There's only one thing as fun as C-rails, and down bars, and that's C-rail to down bar

Peep the hat

Love those plants with no grabs.

Welcome to Famous Fridays

I've had kids asking about how I made my Famous Fridays logo. and honestly I have no idea but I know who does


  1. ya man your logo is legit. stickers? t-shirts? eh?

    i didnt realize the beard were 2 f's.

    come give me a hug.

    xox, robo.

  2. stickers are on there way, and for shirts you will be the first to get one when i get around to making them