Thursday, June 16, 2011

Famous Fridays 6/17/11

Here is a little video I made of the stuff I do at school. Check it out!

I pulled out an old external hard drive of mine and these shots I found from some years back they were shot by Adam O'neil who is damn good with his camera

This was a fun day and a long rail

Haha this thing is more like a wall splat instead of a wall ride

I may not no much but doing switch tricks is some weird stuff

Nothing like eating burger king then crossing the street to slide a rail not much bigger then your board

This was a one and done spot. Cop rolled up and let me hit it once. That was some pressure

This was a blast Dave, Robo, and I just having some fun shooting the hole. I wish I had the photo of Robo grabbing crail through. That was sweet

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  1. Those were such good times!!! I wish we could keep doing them!!