Monday, February 14, 2011

Famous Fridays 2/18/11

Happy One Year! 52 weeks ago
I remember a little over a year ago I wanted to do a snowboard weekly thing of my self, some friends, and my travels for the winter time just for the sake of doing something and having an excuse for having a blog. After the snow season came to an end I decided to continue to keep posting random things every week that I took part in from the Flow Rider, Skating, or doing some kind of Photo pushing button stuff, and now back for another snow season. I've really enjoyed doing this thing (Blog). I know my followers aren't great in numbers and most likely its only Mindy checking it. but It is what it is. Its been 52 weeks and 61 posts and counting I've only missed one Friday and I'm pretty sure only Zach was the only one who noticed cause he called me out the next day at work. I'm going to continue and hope I will be around to say Happy Two Year Famous Fridays.