Friday, October 8, 2010

Famous Fridays 10/8/10

Wow five years ago today was the day I finished up a two year adventure back east while serving a LDS mission. It's crazy to think about all the things I accomplished and lessons I learned about life in those few years. I remember telling my colleague Hanson at the time that today will be the last day I'll ever knock on a strangers door. I was wrong though cause I sold door to door alarm systems for the next couple of summers. I'm pretty sure I also said something along the lines of... 5 years from now I will have a house, a sweet job making tons of money, boarding, and have a hot lady. Well its funny how things turn out cause right now I live in my parents basement, not so sweet of a job, and money is no where to be found. I am still boarding though and got my Hot Lady by my side. Two for five ain't bad in my book.

Nate Taylor, Spencer Finlinson, Aaron Scoll, Steve Brantner, Brent A. Lye, Trae Durtschi

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